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Save the Date!

28 Mar

I currently have seven (7) Save the Dates hanging on my bulletin board in my kitchen.  Being in my late 20s, it’s the first big year of weddings for my friends, which I am all too excited for because I LOVE WEDDINGS.

Much thought goes into creating your Save the Date.  It’s the first introduction your guests will have to your wedding, and you’re excited about it! Whether you color coordinate your Save the Date with your wedding invitation, or include an image that references your wedding location, your Save the Date sets the tone for your wedding.

Once you choose your date, location and create your invite list, it’s now time to send your Save the Date.  Your Save the Date should be sent about 8 months in advance, so your guests can mark their calendars with plenty of time.  Save the Dates come in all different shapes and sizes.  Stationary, font, color, images… so many choices!  You want to make sure you’re including the right amount of information- this is not your wedding invitation.  But it is a chance to have fun, be creative, and announce the details of your wedding for the very first time!

Now let’s check out some ideas!

Traditionally, you mail your Save the Date.  But today’s technology allows you to be more creative than ever.  This video Save the Date is adorable- it was made by Drew’s best friend Joe, and his fiance Corrine .  You get a glimpse into their relationship and it definitely sets the tone for their wedding.  I’ve watched it a few times and can imagine how their close friends and family will react to watching it.  I have a feeling that video Save the Dates is a trend in the making, and who would have thought that Joe would be leading that bandwagon!

Joe from Joe Masiulis on Vimeo.

Questions on creating your Save the Date?  Check out the Knot’s “Save the Date Q & A” article.


Dinner With Cupid

21 Mar

Dinner with Cupid is a column in the Boston Globe that matches two singles on a blind date.  You must fill out a lengthy questionnaire to help the Globe find you a good right match.  The date is paid for by the Globe and if you’re chosen, all you’re told is where and when to meet, and the name of your date.  Then when the date is over, you’re required to fill out a survey and give your date… a letter grade!  The Globe then publishes the date reviews in their column, pictures included.

I’m writing about this because our intern Sam, went on a Dinner With Cupid (Andrew) last night.  They met at Mamma Maria in the North End.  I walked Sam to the restaurant and knew she was nervous, but she had such a good attitude about the whole night- best case scenario, they’d hit it off.  Worse case scenario, it’d make for a hilarious story.

As common as meeting a date online is these days, or being set up on a blind date, there’s always a big chance that it won’t go well.  Would we hit it off?  Would he get my sense of humor?  Will we have enough to talk about?  Would he be a total weirdo?

Luckily, the date went well.  I know this because I talked to Sam, but also read her “exit interview,”  details everyone else will be able to read in the Globe’s column.  A few of Sam’s thoughts on the date:

Q: When you got to the restaurant, how did you know who your date was?
A: When I got to the restaurant I told the host the details of my reservation. He led me upstairs to Andrew, who then introduced himself and gave me a hug.

Q: What was your first impression of your date physically?
A: He was tall, dark and handsome, with a really warm smile and pretty eyes.

Q: What did you talk about before ordering drinks?
A:   I immediately explained why I was carrying two giant bags, because I probably looked like a bag lady- I had just walked from work and I had my morning gym bag with me. We talked about where we went to school, when we graduated, where we live, where we are from and if it was too tacky to order American beer at a really nice Italian restaurant, which we decided it wasn’t.

Q: What did the two of you have in common?
A: What stuck out the most was our shared interest in food, cooking, bands and a mutual dislike for people who are too dependent on technology.  We also talked about why we filled out Dinner with Cupid applications.

Q: Was there a point when you wanted to leave? Why?
A: Only at the end of the dinner when I realized it was later that I had expected and I still needed to get back home.  A good sign!

Q: How did the date end?
A: Andrew walked me to Government Center, we talked about how we enjoyed our evening and I told him that I’d quote him for saying we should go out again sometime.

Sam’s date grade for Andrew?   

For Andrew’s date grade of Sam, stay tuned for the write-up in the Boston Globe!  You might also find it first on twitter @DinnerwithCupid, or on Dinner With Cupid’s blog.


13 Mar

Lindzi, the fan favorite, was sadly rejected in last night’s Bachelor Finale.  Ben proposed to Courtney.  She immediately said “I love it” (about the ring), followed by, “I will love you forever, you’re stuck with me.”  They have since already broken up, but the engagement is allegedly back on.  Good luck Ben!

I want to follow-up with a few thoughts.

Did anyone watch the After the Final Rose show?  Ashley & JP are actually really adorable together.  I imagine we’ll all watch their wedding this year on ABC (if they make it… fingers crossed!)   They even asked Chris Harrison if he could wed them.  I predict Ashley & JP will be the 2nd Bachelor couple to make it!

Secondly, Lindzi looked amazing on her interview with Jimmy Kimmel.  She makes for a much prettier brunette.  She also revealed her name isn’t actually spelled “Lindzi”- she made that up herself.  She is of course already rumored to be a potential Bachelorette (after we all drool over Emily Maynard in the upcoming season).

Lastly, Bachelor Pad is the best show on TV and the countdown to Season 3 begins!  (Premiere date, TBD)  Check out the rumored dream cast.

Does anyone else wonder what Chris Harrison does during the off-season?

Women Tell ALL

6 Mar

What is it about the Bachelor that is so captivating?  After 16 seasons and only 1 (one!) marriage, it’s safe to say that we don’t actually watch the show for the love story.  We watch for the drama.  We watch for the crazy.  We watch for lines like, “she’s uglier in person,” and “she has thicker thighs than I do.” And we watch because it’s a guilty pleasure that takes away from the real world for 2 hours, every Monday night.

Last night’s Women Tell All episode was a bloodbath.  It was meant for each woman to get closure. It was their chance to confront each other, confront Ben, and most amazingly, confront Courtney

After weeks of spoiler alerts, tabloids, and last night’s episode, most people believe that it’s true: Ben proposes to Courtney next week.  But that won’t stop us from watching, now will it? I wasn’t completely convinced, and Sassy McFiddlesticks still isn’t, but Courtney said something last night that confirmed the rumors for me. “I care(d?) for Ben.. and I still do!”  It doesn’t look like much of a quote in writing, but if you watched last night’s episode, you know what I’m talking about.  I think Ben picks Courtney, and they’ve already broken up.  How can he not be appalled by watching what the rest of America saw in Courtney?  And why was she even on the show last night? That breaks the traditional rules of Women Tell All!

So who will Ben choose?

Rumor says Courtney, and America will be genuinely disgusted if he chooses her. When Ben thinks of Courtney, he thinks “spirit, energy, nurturing, and one of the most gorgeous women I have ever met.”  She’s also a bitch.  But I have a confession to make.  Courtney has meandered her way in to my heart these past two episodes, and I am ashamed.  Damn she’s manipulative!

Rumors aside, Lindzi is the viewers’ choice! They seem perfect for each other and don’t forget, she got the first impression rose by riding in on a horse.   When Ben thinks of Lindzi, he thinks “beautiful, sexy, firecracker, and everything I could want in a relationship.”

So shouldn’t it be a no-brainer?  He said it himself.. Lindzi has it all.  Courtney is beautiful yes, but also manipulative, self-centered and still quotes Charlie Sheen.  This is exactly why relationships on this show never work.  They’re all on a honeymoon!  

Season’s Superlatives  

Most Pre-mature Goodbye: “best kisser” Jennifer

Most well spoken: “the body” Emily

Most Awkward: “the straddler” Jamie

Blogger’s Choice: Brittney – “There was no attraction to Ben whatsoever, and my time was better spent elsewhere.”  BRAVO!

Fan Favorite: “baton twirler” Kacie B.

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