Dinner With Cupid

21 Mar

Dinner with Cupid is a column in the Boston Globe that matches two singles on a blind date.  You must fill out a lengthy questionnaire to help the Globe find you a good right match.  The date is paid for by the Globe and if you’re chosen, all you’re told is where and when to meet, and the name of your date.  Then when the date is over, you’re required to fill out a survey and give your date… a letter grade!  The Globe then publishes the date reviews in their column, pictures included.

I’m writing about this because our intern Sam, went on a Dinner With Cupid (Andrew) last night.  They met at Mamma Maria in the North End.  I walked Sam to the restaurant and knew she was nervous, but she had such a good attitude about the whole night- best case scenario, they’d hit it off.  Worse case scenario, it’d make for a hilarious story.

As common as meeting a date online is these days, or being set up on a blind date, there’s always a big chance that it won’t go well.  Would we hit it off?  Would he get my sense of humor?  Will we have enough to talk about?  Would he be a total weirdo?

Luckily, the date went well.  I know this because I talked to Sam, but also read her “exit interview,”  details everyone else will be able to read in the Globe’s column.  A few of Sam’s thoughts on the date:

Q: When you got to the restaurant, how did you know who your date was?
A: When I got to the restaurant I told the host the details of my reservation. He led me upstairs to Andrew, who then introduced himself and gave me a hug.

Q: What was your first impression of your date physically?
A: He was tall, dark and handsome, with a really warm smile and pretty eyes.

Q: What did you talk about before ordering drinks?
A:   I immediately explained why I was carrying two giant bags, because I probably looked like a bag lady- I had just walked from work and I had my morning gym bag with me. We talked about where we went to school, when we graduated, where we live, where we are from and if it was too tacky to order American beer at a really nice Italian restaurant, which we decided it wasn’t.

Q: What did the two of you have in common?
A: What stuck out the most was our shared interest in food, cooking, bands and a mutual dislike for people who are too dependent on technology.  We also talked about why we filled out Dinner with Cupid applications.

Q: Was there a point when you wanted to leave? Why?
A: Only at the end of the dinner when I realized it was later that I had expected and I still needed to get back home.  A good sign!

Q: How did the date end?
A: Andrew walked me to Government Center, we talked about how we enjoyed our evening and I told him that I’d quote him for saying we should go out again sometime.

Sam’s date grade for Andrew?   

For Andrew’s date grade of Sam, stay tuned for the write-up in the Boston Globe!  You might also find it first on twitter @DinnerwithCupid, or on Dinner With Cupid’s blog.


4 Responses to “Dinner With Cupid”

  1. Lexie March 21, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

    Love this! Sam is a bag lady. Idk why she would even try to hide that….

    Very cute article 🙂

  2. sassymcfiddlesticks March 22, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    Sassy here. As for the bag lady she’s left us with some questions that people want answers to:

    – You say “tall” – are you short, also tall, or medium? Height is very much a matter of perspective, please clarify.
    – What is your curfew, Bag Lady, and why did you have to be home at a certain time? Sassy likes to go all night.
    – Andrew wore gray, Bag Lady wore gray – coincidence? I THINK NOT.
    – You came from the gym – how much do you bench?
    – Ashley, how much do you bench?
    – Bag Lady, are you afraid Andrew will read this article, then click back on past stories and realize that Ashley may be an evil romantic she-devil?
    – Did you order spaghetti and slurp it until you realized it was the same strand LIKE MY FAVORITE MOVIE CALLED “LADY AND THE TRAMP?!?!?!” @SKJDF S ASJSD omg Sassy just got ex-sassified.

    Ok all, until next time, don’t worry if it’s clean, just make sure it’s *sassy*

    • spam426 March 23, 2012 at 12:45 pm #

      Yello! Sorry to have left you and undoubtedly many others with questions…

      -I’m average height (5’4″), and Andrew is 6’2″…I think avg. for guys is 5’10” (?), making him relatively tall
      -usually 10 pm
      -thoughts for the possible implications?
      -solid with 12 pound handweights
      -i hope he finds this article…
      -unfortunately our food was served on two diff. plates otherwise that may have possibly happened

      • sassymcfiddlesticks March 28, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

        Spam426? That’s a delicious sounding name and Sassy loves him some spam. Andrew is a tall drink of water! What is with the 10pm curfew? Perhaps you meant 10am? That’s Sassy’s curfew.

        As for the colors I think you’re safe. Ms. Fiddlesticks considers herself a bit of a fashion guru but you let me know about your next date and Sassy will dress you right. Nice job with the weights tho.

        I hope he finds this article too and won’t he be excited once he hears you were joking about that 10pm business! What a funny typo.

        Good luck with Andrew (let’s call him “Dandy Andy”), I’m sure Ms. Fiddlesticks will ask every day what’s happening. Keep is strong and *sassy*!

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